Monash IVF Nurse Team supports you at every stage on the fertility journey through Compassion, Caring and Empathy… and individualising the best care for you by sharing knowledge, communicating solutions, and delivering a sense of calm to ensure that your experience is as positive as possible.

Our fertility nurses play an important role in your journey to parenthood

The nurse team at Monash IVF Singapore are caring experts in fertility providing you the information, support and education you need as you move through stages of fertility treatment: preparation and planning, in-treatment and post treatment.

During fertility treatment stages, the Monash IVF Singapore nursing team is your most regular and accessible point of contact. They are supporting you during times when you may feel vulnerable, scared, or unsure. Considered both your cheerleader and your go-to person for fertility matters, Monash IVF nurses show compassion, concern and empathy, as well as to keep you on track and informed about your next appointment bookings, medications and explaining your medical results.

What you can expect from Monash IVF nurse team

Warm and welcoming

From the initial point in your fertility journey, our nurses will be in touch with you. Through your communication with them you’ll get to know them, and they will become a familiar voice ready and committed to serve you. It is important to our nursing team that you feel supported and confident at each step during treatment.

Your fertility care organiser

As part of your personalized care with Monash IVF Singapore, our nurses are meticulously organizing the details of your fertility matters. With regular contact with your Fertility Specialists, the nurse team will always have the latest updates about your treatment.

Sharer of Fertility Knowledge

Fertility treatment is a process weaved with a lot of information and new terminology for patients to understand. Fully aware of how daunting this can be, our nurse team will provide you with education about your treatment, how to track your cycle, walk you through and demonstrate how to administer your medication, teach you about what your results mean and what your next steps are.