Patient Centric – Patients First

At the heart of what we do and the services we deliver are predicated on personal care and access to world class fertility treatment.

Patient Centric

What we believe in:

  • focusing on our patients and their needs. Through this relationship many patients trust us to help them take a baby home
  • providing comprehensive and compassionate care across the medical and emotional aspects of infertility
  • any decision is made in the interests of patients and always the best choice
  • patients come first. Our primary responsibility is providing the best patient care.

We’re committed to exceptional service in all areas of our organisation.

Patient care teams

It important to us to strike the right balance of personal care and access to world class fertility treatment.

We believe the key to this balance is a designated fertility care team for every patient. Your team makes sure you have clear points of contact throughout your fertility journey, and is made up of:

  • your fertility specialist
  • fertility nurse
  • clinical administrative support

Your team work together to manage every detail of your care and provide you the help that you need.

Personalised approach

We understand everybody’s journey is different and unique to them. Each treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs; our recommendations are based on factors including exam and investigation test results, your age, medical history, previous fertility treatment and personal preferences.

Working together

Our fertility specialists collaborate on treatment approaches and new ways of getting the best results; with complex fertility cases being reviewed as required.

Through the patient-doctor relationship, our experts work together, as a team, to build their knowledge and provide you with the best possible care at Monash IVF. Patients can expect a welcoming, warm and inviting, yet professional atmosphere. Our centre features the latest technology, equipment, and are accredited by the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC). The Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) is a professional group of the Board of the Fertility Society of Australia and reports directly to that Board. RTAC licences an International Version of the Code of Practice for the use by Certifying Bodies in countries outside Australia and New Zealand.