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We understand that starting a family isn’t always easy. The fertility journey takes everyday bravery. Whether you’re starting to build or complete your family, Monash IVF Singapore is here to support you in achieving your dreams of parenthood.

Monash IVF Fertility clinic in Singapore Located at Royal Square Medical Centre

Our specialists and nurses are here to guide you at every stage of your fertility journey

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Benefit from our pioneering science

Benefit from our pioneering science, world-class lab management and elite fertility specialists. At Monash IVF, we’re committed to leading the future of reproductive care through scientific and clinical innovation and giving patients the best chance of success in bringing home a baby.

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Monash IVF Medical Director, Dr Kelly Loi Shen-Yi, leads a team of high performing fertility specialists.

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One in six couples will struggle with infertility

We understand that infertility is hard to talk about. Couples who struggle to conceive are more common than people realise. You’re not alone. Monash IVF is here to support and help you through your journey.

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