Fertility Health Check

A good start in preparation is getting a clear picture about your fertility health. Proactive steps like pre-conception testing and diagnosis can help you assess your fertility and diagnose obstacles and challenges in the conception stage. You can also preserve your fertility by freezing your embryos and sperm.

By understanding your body and knowing your reproductive health early in the planning process can increase the chances of having a baby. Our fertility team will want to learn more about you through a review of your medical history, as well as doing a physical examination.

Many of our patients start here by Booking a nurse chat with us. It’s a phone call with one of our fertility nurses or fertility team. Begin asking your initial questions: nursechat.sg@monashivf.com

Practicing a page in self-care and reminding yourself that your fertility path is unique to you can help you propel forward in seeking answers to your questions and discussing options with a fertility specialist.

Infertility is caused by issues with the female’s reproductive system in 30% of cases. Another 30% of cases are due to male infertility. A further 30% of cases are a combination of both male and female factors, and the remaining 10% of cases are unexplained.

Fertility Health Check & Screening Process

Your First Appointment

Our fertility team will spend time getting to know you and your partner. We’ll take a complete medical history and physical examination. The more information we know about you and your fertility health, the more we understand which course of action is needed.

  • The fertility specialists will determine which initial screening and tests are required, which may include:
      For females: consultation, pelvic ultrasound scan, female hormonal tests
      For males: consultation, semen analysis.
  • It’s recommended to come prepared to discuss and ask questions about your fertility health with our specialists. If you have any test results from your GP or another doctor, please bring the results along and share them with the fertility team.
  • Prior to seeing one of our specialists, we encourage patients to note down questions and concerns to share with the specialists during their scheduled appointment. Patients also find it helpful to jot down new terminology and advice from given by the fertility specialist during the patient-doctor consultation.